Downtown hottie                                                                                                                      American Wheat     5.7% ABV/ 17 IBU

TASTING NOTES: Bright golden in color beneath a frothy white head.  It has a crisp and refreshing taste and a silky mouthfeel from the wheat.  She's a real beauty!


India Pale Ale      6.7% ABV/ 67 IBU

TASTING NOTES: -  An Amber colored ale with a firm initial bitterness.  Pleasant notes of caramel mid palate with a large dose of piney/citrusy hop flavor and aroma.  The bitterness goes long into the finish for a pleasing crispness.


Sergeant reckless

American Pale Ale     5.6% ABV/ 44.7 IBU

TASTING NOTES: Deep golden in color with an initial citrus/fruity hop aroma.  Malt sweetness and caramel notes are well balanced with flavor of hops and moderate bitterness.  Citrus/fruity hop flavors finish well balanced with notes of caramel.



barrel aged russian imperial stout     12% ABV/ 97.8  IBU

TASTING NOTES: The beer is a rich black beer with pronounced licorice and coffee flavors with noticeable alcohol. The beer contains molasses and honey. The  beer finishes with notes of vanilla and oak, huge coffee, dark chocolate and dark dried fruit flavors as well as warmth from the alcohol.


Paxon the ponyless

American Porter     5.7% ABV/45 IBU

TASTING NOTES: A meal in a glass as this beer is named after the “porter” who served as London’s bike messenger in the late1800’s and early 1900’s. Notes of coffee, chocolate and roasted malt dominate this beer without being too heavy. There’s just the right amount of bitterness to balance the rich malt sweetness and robust character.



Imperial Red Ale     12% ABV/94 IBU

TASTING NOTES: We used 5 different malts and 11 different hops in this big
red ale. There are distinct toasted caramel notes which balance out the massive hop additions. In total, there are 8 different kettle hop additions and 5 different hops added when we dry hop the beer. It's quite smooth so be careful!


Leaping Bull

Hefeweizen     5.5% ABV/13 IBU

TASTING NOTES: A classic German wheat beer that is light and refreshing.
Creamy malt sweetness from the wheat as well as notes of clove and banana that are unique to this brew. Notably hazy from the yeast in suspension but with light golden straw color. Sometimes served with a lemon as the tartness balances the malty sweetness.


doppelbock      8.5% ABV / 16 IBU

 TASTING NOTES : This beer isa rich malty lager. We use mostly German Munich malt which gives the beer a toasty, sweet malt complexity. WE also use decoction mashing which accentuates the malt character. there is just the right amount on Hallertau Hersbucker hops to give the beer a nice balance. It is relatively high in alcohol so it will keep you warm on those cold late winter early spring nights. While fairly sweet it still finishes dry and crisp.



Scottish Ale     7% ABV / 23.1 IBU

 TASTING NOTES : A rich ruby red colored ale that exemplifies the virtues of Scottish Malt.  A rich malt sweetness with just a hint of peppery bitterness.  Loaded with notes of caramel and toffee with very little hop flavor.  A long toasty, sweet finish.


Connemara (Nitro)

Irish Stout     4.6% ABV/40 IBU

TASTING NOTES: A unique beer in that it's pitch black but not heavy at all. Bitterness is not only derived from hops but also from roasted un-malted barley. You won't see any light through
this beer but it is very quaffable and pleasing. Notes of dark chocolate and espresso without a lot of malt sweetness. It finishes quite dry and refreshing.


long drive dubbel

belgian style abby dubbel    7.5% ABV / 21.9 IBU

TASTING NOTES : An intense ruby colored beer that is very malt forward and of moderate strength. this is a complex Trappist ale with rich malty flavors and aromas. There are also hints of dark dried cherries and raisins. You can feel a light alcohol warmth mingled with the malt sweetness yet the beer finishes fairly dry and effervescent.



Weizenbock     7% ABV/ 31.8 IBU

TASTING NOTES:  One of our fall and winter seasonal beers.  This beer has a similar profile to our Leaping Bull with hints of clove and banana.  It has a much bigger malt profile and a rich creamy taste.  It’s very well balanced with just the right amount of bitterness to balance the malty sweetness.



Imperial IPA      10.7% ABV /100 IBU

TASTING NOTES :   A very complex beer that packs a hop wallop. While it’s very high in IBU’s (99.8) it’s also very balanced with a rich malt complexity, but it is not overly sweet. There are seven varieties of hops in this beer which adds to the  complexities. This Double IPA is dry hopped with Calypso hops which is a unique variety, delivering aromas "unlike anything else." Exploding with tropical fruit and sweet apple-pear.


American Light Lager     4% ABV/10.6 IBU

TASTING NOTES: A Standard American Light Lager.  If craft beer isn’t your thing then this brew is for you!  A very simple beer using American Pilsen Malt and very lightly hopped.  It has a dry, crisp finish that leaves with the taste for another!



Black IPA   7.6% ABV/77IBU

TASTING NOTES: Big, Bold and unique is what this beer is all about. It has a
distinct spicy, toasted quality from chocolate Rye Malt without having any roasted malt flavors. The featured hop in this beer, Sorachi Ace was unleashed in the East as a hop distinctly bred for Japanese brewers. Possibly the most unique of all hops it has the flavor and aroma of Lemon, dill, cedar and caraway. It’s relatively high in bitterness without being overpowering.

Bull Radler

Shandy   2.5% ABV

TASTING NOTES: The Leaping Bull (Hefeweizen) with lemonade.


Fruit Hottie

American Wheat     5.7% ABV/ 17 IBU

TASTING NOTES: Fruit flavor added to Downtown Hottie.


Hottie Radler

Radler  2.7% ABV

TASTING NOTES: Downtown Hottie with Ginger ale.



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