Steve started brewing career at home in 1983 after reading an article in the Chicago Tribune about unique Christmas gifts.  Steve has been a member of the American Homebrewers Association since 1984.  Since then, he’s brewed hundreds of different recipes and styles and has won numerous awards in brewing competitions.


In 1985, Steve passed a lengthy exam and was awarded the title of Beer Judge administered by the “Beer Judge Certification Program”, which certifies and ranks beer judges and sanctions competitions worldwide.  He’s organized many competitions over the years and has judged thousands of beers during that time.


In 1987, he became the President of the Chicago Beer Society and held that position for a two-year term.  Chicago Beer Society is one of the dominant beer and brewing clubs in the USA.


In 1991, Steve was a co-founder of the “Brewers of South Suburbia”.  He’s held the position of President for two different terms and is currently a board member.  (The annual club picnic is held every September at his farmstead, Evil Horse Farm.)  He remains an active member and serves as Beer Style Moderator at its monthly meetings.


Steve has assisted at several commercial breweries throughout the brewing process.  These breweries include: Flossmoor Station, Brickstone and Lagunitas.  In 2010, he brewed his recipe for a Dortmunder lager at Flossmoor Station which was entered in the Pro-Am competition at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver Colorado.  In 2012, one of his beers won a competition in which thirteen Chicago area homebrew clubs submitted best-of-show entries from club-only competitions and the winner was chosen by Chicago area tavern owners as the “most sellable and best tasting beer”.  This earned Steve an all-expenses-paid trip to Petaluma, California where he brewed at Lagunitas.  The result was a 240 barrel Black IPA called “Fusion 8”.


Steve has experienced the home brewing and the Craft Beer Revolution from its very beginning.  He is well-respected throughout the Craft Brewing industry and is certified by the World Brewing Academy of Siebel Institute of Technology | Domemens Academy through his successful completion of their Concise Course in Brewing Technology.


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